Books of Interest

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Personal Transition

  • Leap! What will we do with the Rest of Our Lives? by Sara Davidson
  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
  • This is Not the Life I Ordered – 50 ways to keep your head above water when life keeps dragging you down by Deborah Collins Stephens, Jackie Spier, Michelin Cristini Risley, Jan Yanehiro
  • Transitions-Making Sense of Life’s Changes by William Bridges

Interfaith Weddings

  • A Nonjudgmental Guide to Interfaith Marriages – Making Interfaith Marriage Work by Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben Ph.D.
  • The Intermarriage Handbook, A Guide for Jews and Christians by Judy Petsonk and Jim Remsen
  • Welcome to the Family – Opening Doors to the Jewish Experience by Lois Sussman Shenker

Jewish Weddings

  • The New Jewish Wedding by Anita Diamond
  • The Everything Jewish Wedding Book by Helen Latner
  • The Creative Jewish Wedding Book: A Guide to Making the Wedding of Your Dreams a Reality by Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

  • Putting God on the Guest List, 3rd Edition: How to Reclaim the Spiritual Meaning of Your Child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah by Jeffrey K. Salkin
  • Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah: The Ceremony, the Party, and How the Day Came to Be by Bert Metter and Joan Reilly
  • The Mitzvah Project Book: Making Mitzvah Part of Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah.and Your Life by Liz Suneby and Diane Heiman
  • Rediscovering Judaism – Bar and Bat Mitzvah for Adult – A course of study
    by Rabbi KerrM. Olitzky and Rabbi Ronald H. Isaacs

  • Finding Each other in Judaism by Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis
  • Reaching Godward: Voices from Spiritual Guidance by Carol Ochs
  • Spiritual, but not Religious: Understanding the Unchurched America
    by Robert C. Fuller

Family Issues

  • Money Love and Legacy – Conversations That Matter Between Generations
    by Helga Hayes
  • Don’t Worry About a Thing Dear: Why Women Need Financial Intimacy
    by Helga Hayes
  • Tears of Sorrow, Seeds of Hope – A Jewish Spiritual Companion for Infertility and Pregnancy Loss
    By Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin
  • Time to Prepare edited by Richard F. Address and Hara E. Person
  • Final Gifts – Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs and Communications of the Dying by Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley
  • Mourning and Mitzvah- A Guided Journal for Walking the Mourner’s Path Through Grief to Healing by Anne Brener

Also of Interest

  • How to be the Perfect Stranger –  A Guide to Etiquette in Other People’s Religious Ceremonies, Volumes I and II edited by Stuart M. Latlins & Arthur J. Magida
  • God & The Big Bang – Discovering Harmony Between Science and Spirituality
    by Daniel C. Matt
  • Mingled Roots-a Guide for Grandparents of Interfaith Children by Daniel Judson and Nancy Wiener